Toronto, ON, Canada

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Because you're beautiful

Hi there, my name is Sashane and I am the proud owner of lashed essence beauty. I am so happy and excited to create a brand that will help every individual feel confident and gorgeous.

Upon noticing the changes in the beauty industry and how much the definition of beauty is evolving, It didn't take long for me to realize how important it is to be authentic in this booming beauty era. As a result, my team and I have created the perfect lash extensions to compliment each look; keeping in mind each person's sheer definition of beauty.

Lashed Essence Beauty- lashes are handcrafted using 100% cruelty free mink hairs. Each lash are of a different style and compliments any eye shape and size. Our lashes has been named after some of the rarest gems in the world. We would love for you to feel as flawless and exquisite as the lash name you wear.

My team and I welcome you to Lashed Essence Beauty, Our collection is truly beautiful.